New Mower = Field is Mowed

Hello to all our family, friends and fellow bloggers!!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day full of sun, love, beer and BBQ!

A little update on our Homestead Dream Build project..

A few weeks back we stopped by the land to see how crazy the field was growing and noticed a chunk of land (lot 5) was purchased right down the hill from us.  When we purchased our section of land ( lots 1&2) there was 3 plots open along side of what we purchased, lots 3,4 & 5.  Well really only 2 lots to purchase as lot 3&4 next to us was deeded together.  We had the intention in the FUTURE to purchase ALL of the available land to ensure no ‘on top of us’ neighbors.

Soooo, Us being us, after seeing that we immediately contacted the private seller who owned all those lots which we had purchased ours from and went under contract for the remaining land next to us.  What scared us was knowing the lot next to ours was the 2 lots deeded together and the piece of the land farthest from us did not perk, so we knew that if that was purchased by someone else, that someone was going to build on the lot directly butting up against ours…  and that my dear friend is not part of our vision, dreams and goals.  You would need to physically be there to maybe understand and agree with our decision to purchase lot 3&4.  It beautiful, If you stand where we are building the house and look all around you, the way the land lays, it looks like we are the only people there and that’s how we want it.  We do not want to feel like we live in a development.  That being said, we should be closing on the remaining 3 acres in 30 days!  (All that more to mow nowWinking face)

Now onto our current land.

After much search, we finally found a sufficient mower to start maintaining the land (field) from a local we found on craigslist.

That ended to be an amazing purchases as it allowed us to meet an amazing family 3 generations deep.  They were so warm and inviting and we found our conversations went much deeper than an exchange of money for a mower.  We left feeling like we just meet such wonderful people that we already knew!  They weren’t just wonderful, they were inspiring!  We got much praise and encouragement for our dreams, motivation and ambitious goals. It was an experience no monies in the world could buy what we walked away with.

Our used but new to us mower was delivered by this family within 1 hour of leaving.

Time to work!

Hubby got around 1.5 acres mowed on this afternoon as it was a SLOW GO process with all the dips, ruts an rocks!  Eyyy-yiy- yiiyy

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