Addition Roof is covered

Today, Sunday December 13th is yet another beautiful day!
We have big ambitions of completing so much today.
Our goal is:
-Install the plastic on the addition roof
-install the last few areas of sheathing on the gable ends
-install all tyvek
-install the rest if the base foam insulation

We decided to start our day with the roof plastic, as rain is in the forecast.

What we thought would be rather quick and easy, has consumed most of our day.
The good news is, roof is covered!
The blah news is, it consumed most of our day.



Jeremy is super busy this coming week, so not much will get done till next weekend (weather dependent)
We had a little bit of daylight left so we finished out the day with installing the foam insulation boards along the base and backfilling dirt/stone.2015/12/img_6985.jpg



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