Apples vs. BEER..

We have decided to do an experiment with making an alternative heat exchanger utilizing beer cans.
Our main objective is to offset our electric heating cost.
The size unit were attempting to build needs approximately 270 beer cans, so that is a lot of drinkin’ that needs to take place! And my grand old Hubby here has taking on the challenge willing and ready! ?
The other evening we had quite a few apples that were no longer so pretty looking so we decided to have an Apple throwing contest in the backyard at about 11:30 at night with the spotlight on our target. We had such a fun time together.. Our little fun had multiple benefits as the deer love the apples, therefore the next evening we had about six deer in our backyard munching on those apples!

Rewinding back about one year, Jeremy and I were on a health kick and decided to began juicing. We went and bought a top-of-the-line juicer. For beginners, we really went all gung-ho! Experimenting with all different types of fruits and vegetables. We invested a lot of time in educating ourselves and making all different types of concoctions, based on the benefits we wanted to get out of each fruit and vegetable.
Here is where things got interesting…
Coincidental or not, 30 days later my husband started to lose his eyesight. Literally was losing his eye sight!
What we found after multiple medical visits with retina specialists was that he has what’s called a dot hemorrhage in his right eye. To add the icing on the cake, it was also disclosed to us, his left eye is showing signs of being in the beginning phase of the same thing.
Needless to say, at that moment I blamed the juicing and we went back to eating big-macs and drinking a lot of beer!
So as we were target practicing with our apples, he blurts out this random phrase that had us both cracking up. Maybe it was sheer beer induced humor to us, however it went a little something like this:
“Eat an apple you’ll go blind, drink a beer and you’ll be fine”

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Stay tuned for an update and guide to building a beer can heat exchanger!

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