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Count Down to SPRING 2017!!

So much to be excited about!
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Even though that silly old groundhog saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter, I remain optimistic, and do a spring weather dance every morning!

Winter sucks, Hands down!  Between convulsing in shivers every time I go outside and not to mention that ridiculous instant urge that I have to pee because I’m so darn cold LOL

Though I must say, we have been blessed with another mild winter, however, February never fails to be sheer misery!  sub zero temps + ice + daily snow = HELL HELL HELL!

With winter fully consuming us, OBVIOUSLY not much production has gone on with the build. We have done some small interior things, like putting together this absolutely AMAZING and much needed wall mounted coat rack! Jeremy did such an amazing job on this, I am so proud of him!

We are also slowly working on finishing the bathroom in the addition/office of the garage, but with the main garage area not being fully insulated/heated yet, we have enough of a stress about the darn cold, let alone worry about the ridiculous electric bill of a hot water tank that will never stop heating!

With cabin fever on complete overload, spending a lot of time, cooped up indoors, and on many days looking out the windows saying, “DANG, I can’t wait for Spring and Summer” (FYI: Spring officially begins in 41 days, but who’s counting…  That’s right, I AM!  LOL)

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2016 Year In Review

Hey y’all, its here!  Our 2016 Year In Review Video.

What another fantastic year..

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Motivation and cheerful energy is just BLAH today..

Its a yucky rainy day..  Motivation and cheerful energy is just BLAH today..

What helps you overcome a bad BLAH mood?

singing…  dancing…  screaming into a pillow?

Share your secrets 


How October 2016 Changed Everything – Month In Review

How October 2016 Changed Everything – Month In Review

October was by far one of the most memorable and motivating months.  Don’t get me wrong, every phase of this journey has been memorable, motivating and life changing.  However October was just one of those months that took our breath away!

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Summer 2016 Review – Building A Homestead

Summer 2016 Review – Building A Homestead

Where in the world has the summer gone?  I still can’t believe it is already Fall!

Despite summer of 2016 now being a time of the past, the memories have been created and will live on within us forever!

As always, if you follow us on twitter you have been able to see some glimpses of our summers events!  (If you don’t follow us, silly you!  It’s like getting the news hot off the press! )

We are currently close to being able to confidently say we can survive our first full winter on our land.  If you remember, last winter which was quite a mild winter allowed us to stay at the property until January at which time our plumbing on the RV froze and we were forced and blessed to find an apartment walking distance from the property

Now, lets rewind a bit and recap each month of our summer at Country Sky Acres

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Building a Homestead May 2016 Recap

Building a Homestead May 2016 Recap

Holy smokes, can you believe it’s already June?  Where is the time going?  How many of you think 2016 is going by WAY too fast? Winter is going to be here again before we know it!

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Building a Homestead – April 2016 – Month In Review

April 2016 – Month In Review
Building a Homestead From Scratch

Well guys April wasn’t quite as productive of a month as we would have liked it to be, however we did get some good days in when the weather allowed.

Here are the highlights of April

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Building A Homestead – 2015 Year In Review

2015 Year In Review – Building A Homestead
Country Sky Acres

Watch this short video of what a wonderful year we had..



I Spy Seedlings, Tomato Seedlings! So Excited For My Garden!

I spy seedlings on Day 4!

If you remember, 4 days ago Mason and I started our indoor Burpee Greenhouse Kit.  We planted 18 tomato seeds, and 18 sweet pepper seeds.  If you happened to miss that video you can   view it here.

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The beginnings of our garden – March 30th – Day In Review

Today is March 30, 2016.
Watch this short video of our day!


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