Building a Homestead – April 2016 – Month In Review

April 2016 – Month In Review
Building a Homestead From Scratch

Well guys April wasn’t quite as productive of a month as we would have liked it to be, however we did get some good days in when the weather allowed.

Here are the highlights of April

We got our first delivery of lumber needed to tidy things up on the roof, so we are now 100% ready for roof panels to be installed

We were finally able to order and pick up our metal roof panels!!!  I was expecting this monster sized load to pull in our driveway, but that was NOT the case.  It was so cute, organized and SMALL.

I was so fearfull at first that we didn’t get everything, but it was all there…  Jeremy and I were so excited to get started on putting on the panels that we began with the garage portion.  We quickly realized that a 8/12 pitch roof is not that fun nor easy to install metal 25 feet off the ground with no level earth below us and by ourselves.  We got a total of 2 panels up and had to call it quits to regroup and put another action plan together because it just was not working as planned, and it was not safe.

We decided the next morning to try the addition side which is a 6/12 pitch, and thankfully it was much easier to install and he had the ability to stand on it!  We got almost everything done on the addition side with the exception of the  valley area where the 2 roofs connect.

We also got our raised garden beds built.  We still need to fill them with dirt but they are at least done and ready to go!

Here is where we currently stand on completing what we would like to (at the very least) accomplish this year:  (We will cross off what has been completed)

2016 objectives (not in priority order)

Roof garage and addition
Concrete garage floor
Frame up temp walls for kids rooms
Finish interior so livable
Build chicken coop
Build raised garden beds 
Build a cupola
Re-grade areas of property for proper water drainage
Install flag pole for our American Flag
Build solar heat exchange
Drill a well
Fix/finish driveway
Get Lots 3&4 under control
Plant 20-25 evergreen trees
Build small storage shed
Cut and prep firewood
Build outside clothes line
Possibly build a small detached washer/dryer, shower, bathroom outhouse to function on solar power
Design and build functioning windmill for well
Scout out old barns for reclaimed materials


  • Mom and Dad jones

    (May 8, 2016 - 7:00 pm)

    Looks amazing.

  • Julie Lallathin

    (May 24, 2016 - 9:12 am)

    You both are doing such a great job! As hard as some of this stuff is to do, I know you both have a great sense of accomplishment in what you have done so far. Very proud of both of you! Keep up the great work!♡

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