Building a Homestead May 2016 Recap

Building a Homestead May 2016 Recap

Holy smokes, can you believe it’s already June?  Where is the time going?  How many of you think 2016 is going by WAY too fast? Winter is going to be here again before we know it!

If you follow our Twitter and Facebook, you have already seen some glimpses of our progress this month.  Trying to build a homestead from scratch FOR CASH is not a walk in the park. It’s a slow go process!!  That is unless you have about $100k+ just sitting around and burning a hole in your pocket, which we do NOT!  For anyone interested is creating such a lifestyle, let me share with you one major thing I have learned thus far and this I promise…  If you don’t enjoy building it, you’ll never enjoy the reward of its creation!  The secret is knowing, respecting and understanding it will never really be ‘complete’.  It’s a lifestyle change that you have to be ready and willing to take on and follow through with.  So that’s why I say, if you’re not happy creating it, you’ll never find happiness in it.

As of the beginning of May, we have been back full-time RV living!  We were so grateful for the temporary apartment living, but it is so nice to be full-time back on our land!  We got a whole lot done this month, even with the ‘to be expected’ challenges.  Between Mother Nature, and funding, sometimes the simple things don’t seem so simple.  Though we are trying to create a simple, debt free, self-sufficient homestead, it costs a whole lot to create from scratch!  The ‘build’ itself may have a completion to it, but the lifestyle allows for no rest!

Here is our May 2016 recap!

Started Our Compost Pile

We always end up with waist!  Whether it’s bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, cardboard, egg shells, etc.  It’s always so frustrating when we have to throw some things that didn’t get used in the trash.  However, it’s not as bad now that we have our compost pile started!  Even though we spent money purchasing most of these items (as our gardens not producing anything yet) it’s not just going in the ‘trash’, it’s going into an efficient and resourceful solution that in essence is allowing our ‘spent money’ to still be working for us.  We still are wanting to build a 3 wall structure around its location, but have yet to complete, added it to our LONG list of to-do’s! haha

Got a 2 yard dumpster, but the fight for internet continues!

We are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible (needing no outside help in satisfying one’s basic needs, especially with regard to the production of food).
Things we seem to still need is, trash service (for items we can’t burn or include in the compost), as well as we need Internet!  The dumpster was easy, it was delivered within 48 hours.  However Internet is like pulling your teeth out to try to get up here. Verizon seems to be the only company that services this area. However, we’re being told that we are unable to get Internet because there’s no available ports and we are more than 15,000 feet from a connection spot?..  It also doesn’t help that Verizon has been on strike.  So it’s nearly impossible!  We need Internet, especially to keep our blog going.  We have been using our phones and tethering our service in order to be able to utilize our computer. The cost to be able to do that is absolutely outrageous!  Fingers crossed we figure something out soon, this has been going on now for over 6 months!


Do You See, What I See!??

YUP that’s right, We got all roof panels up, FINALLY!  With just a few more things to fully ‘finish’ the roof.  Like ridge vents, fascia, gutters, etc…. But the panels are ALL installed after a month of hell!  We still can not believe it took us so long!  BUT ITS DONE!


Did Some Beautifying Touches on Garden and Mailbox

The stain color we selected was Royal Mahogany Elite and it’s BEAUTIFUL!  Jeremy stained the raised garden bed, and while he was at it, he went ahead and stained our homemade mailbox post aswell!  This is the same stain we will be using on the garage fascia boards and any other wood exposed areas!

Garden Garden Garden!

Got 2 ton of mushroom soil & 2 ton of screened top-soil delivered


Saved a few hundred dollars on trees

While mowing the back of the field, Jeremy noticed a bunch of Quaking Aspen trees beginning to grow, so we waited for a day with rain in the forecast and transplanted 4 of the 7  aspen trees and also found and transplanted a small maple tree!


Tour Of A Local Neighbors Property

Through this journey we have met some amazing people.  One of those being a man who lives right down the road from us, and has grown to be one of our biggest local cheerleaders and mentors!  This man is a wealth of knowledge, and we were honored when he invited us to his property for a tour of what he has created himself over the years!  He took Mikayla and I, then Jeremy and Mason each on an hour and a half ride through the forest to show us his amazing property and creations!


What is REALLY going on NOW!!!!

We woke up one morning to ‘BANG BANG BANG BANG’  There are seriously people posting signs along the back side of our property. Jeremy immediately went marching to see why and what the heck was being posted.  We were under the impression it was ‘safe land’, conservation land.  Come to find out it’s preservation land and they informed him they are looking to build cabins along the back side of our land for a year round troubled youth program.  ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!!!  This is supposed to be our dream, we have put so much into this to have it just falling apart around us, and now it’s beginning to feel more like a nightmare all around whats supposed to be our peaceful place!  Where do we have to go to find a place that is the country!  Looks like 10′ concrete walls are going in around our property!  LOL


Another Emergency Eye Appointment

We had a total of 2 emergency eye appointments this month so they could cut and even drill the metal splinters that got embedded in Jeremy’s eyes while cutting metal for the roof…  ugh


Who Stole My Bathroom!

I came home after a day of running errands to find an unusual bare spot where our porta-potty always sat!  I called the company to report the mysterious missing potty..  Turns out the company made a ‘system error’ and dispatch somebody to pick up and remove the Porta potty..  Back to buckets and bags till they bring one back…



Moments like this, remind us its all worth it…  How many people see this in the evenings after it rains?  We have learned, anytime after 6pm if it rains and the sky begins to clear, we will have a full rainbow!  This picture does no justice, it’s actually a double rainbow too!


Stay tuned for more updates on our homestead creation, and if you aren’t already,  be sure to follow our journey via email as well as follow us on our social media pages where we share more often, real-time updates!

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