Christmas Eve – How to secretly prepare for Christmas in a small place

We have yet been able to find the space nor free time to wrap any gifts.
With our energetic 3 year old, who is nearly impossible to get to take a nap anymore, and refuses to go to bed.
Today is the last day to accomplish it all! It’s CHRISTMAS EVE!! My absolute most favorite holiday of all (well aside from Valentines day which is our anniversary).
Jacob had wrestling practice this morning from 8-10, so we were out the door by 7:30am.  After picking him back up at 10 we tackled some last minute gift purchases and headed home.  Jacob and Mason went inside to watch a movie while Jeremy and I figured out a wrapping plan of attack.

It all began in our 79′ Ford farm truck.
It surprisingly work out quite well



All was going fine and well, that is till the sun set and I was out of light.
Jeremy started scurrying to make me a better work station.

He did awesome!





It is now 8:05 pm and all the gifts are FINALLY wrapped and hiding in the Jeep.

Just in time as the boys were starting to get a bit hyper


We decided to take a drive down the road a few minutes to a local truck stop diner, which I MUST say has amazing food!

That is how we spent our Christmas Eve!

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