First freeze-up experience while full time RVing

We are frozen! Well actually are on board water tanks are not frozen nor are any of our lines inside, however our water pump area is frozen. So we successfully kept our water tank unfrozen, but that lovely water is absolutely useless at this moment without the pump.  SERIOUSLY!!  UGGH
We are currently 25° with the feel like I’m 19°, however tomorrow it looks as though we’re supposed to be around 43° (not including windchill) so we should be able to hopefully make some good thawing progress tomorrow. The thermometer in the water pump area currently is reading around 34°, however it got all the way down to 28°. So as long as that compartment remains above 32° there is a thawing process already taking place, tomorrow’s temps should kick the process in high gear, hopefully.
Throughout the day I started insulating along bottom of the RV to help eliminate the draft from the floor from the frigid winds flowing through underneath. It’s not finished yet but let me tell you, it’s amazing already the difference inside as it’s another cold cold night. The boy’s room is beautifully steady at 73° with a warm floor. The main area is steady at 71° with a warm floor. Did you catch the WARM FLOORS!!!! Now they could definitely be a bit warmer but they’re comfortable enough that you don’t need your shoes on to get up and go to the bathroom.
It amazes me the lessons being taught during this experience. You definitely begin to appreciate the things that you never realized you were taking for granted, till BAMM cold feet.. 😉

Now we can hopefully figure out this whole water situation..  Fingers crossed all works out!!

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