Hard Core Labor = Accident Bound

Today was just one of those days.

The best thing about today was the electrical inspector came for our temp power pole…  We passed with flying colors!!!   

It was just hubby and I on site today..  Between him with his vision problem and me struggling with onset carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, this should be interesting!  We did manage to install the remaining lumber we had on site with some expected and unexpected dilemmas

Me being deathly afraid of heights, we tried to create a way for me to assist on the ground with setting posts 14′ up.  Well as crappy as it was, I lost grip of a 16′ board while my poor hubby was balancing 14′ in the air on swaying posts.  A break was needed at this point as I was really upset 🙁
After a few minutes of pulling myself together, we got back to work. Everything was going smooth….  That is until my hubby shot himself in the thumb with the nail gun.

I think it’s time to call it a day!

However, we were extremely proud of our accomplishments today!


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