How October 2016 Changed Everything – Month In Review

How October 2016 Changed Everything – Month In Review

October was by far one of the most memorable and motivating months.  Don’t get me wrong, every phase of this journey has been memorable, motivating and life changing.  However October was just one of those months that took our breath away!

It all started with us passing our electrical inspection!!  Hip-Hip-Horay!!!  Power company was out within the first week of October to land the power to the building!  How exciting to actually plug something into an outlet inside the garage and addition!


Insulation and Drywall has begun getting installed!  The nights are getting a bit chilly so every little bit counts!

Our wonderful neighbor and friend came down with his machine to dig out a trench for us to run the piping for our future well!

Jeremy got outlets, front porch light, and baseboard heaters installed..  

 Much to our surprise, we were able to get our well drilled!!!!!

That’s right, we FINALLY have running water on the property!!!!  Now we need to just really hustle and get heat in the garage to beat the winters freeze..  Otherwise, we will be back to no water!  Yikes!

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