How To: Eliminate Drafts During Cold Winter Months While Full Time RV Living

Full time RV living  is an experience in itself!  Now attempting to bare the cold winter months is whole nother ball game!  You basically have air-conditioned floors and cold drafts that seem to come from everywhere.  Under the dash has been our main culprit for drafts during cold days or nights. The floor vents are pretty much an open window from the front compartment.  


I tried placing towels to block the draft, however it helped but not enough!  So I experimented with what was readily available.  We had some extra foam boards that we were using around the perimeter of our building, so I use some scrap pieces, did some measurements and cut out to perfectly fit underneath the dash.


So far so good!

We also have thermal back curtains on every window.  So on cold days/nights we keep just about ever window covered.  Finally, turning the air-conditioned floors into semi-heated floors.  The compartments below aka ‘the basement’ has what is called luggage lights, so I went and purchased all new bulbs and leave the lights on all the time.  It seems to keep the underneath compartments around 45º and radiates up through the floor.

With all these powers combined, we effortlessly now keep the inside between 70-75º


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