How To: Tackle Frost Build-up if Your RV Freezer Doesn’t Auto Thaw

We are on day 57 of full time RV living and we have noticed severe frost buildup in our freezer.  We have always had frost free freezers so we have never had to worry about defrosting.   After some researching, here is what I found works super fast and is quite easy.


Empty the freezer…  but first I recomend you lay a towel on the floor in front of the freezer to help catch any water from the frost chips that fall out while removing all items.  I wiped each item down as I took it out to remove frost buildup on anything.

Once everything was out and the freezer was empty, I layed a hand towel in the bottom of the freezer to again help with the final clean up of water.

I first tried the scraping method.  It was ok with surface frost, but was going to be a long tedious process.   So then based on another recomendation, I grabbed my blow dryer and gave that  a shot.

Now you don’t go putting the blow dryer IN the freezer, water and hair dryers dont mix well.

This method was by far the best for me!  The littlest amount of warmer temperature, and the whole process (including clean up) took less then 5 minutes with the dryer.

Important note:  Now I did not experience this, however I did come across a few articles warning that to much direct heat could cause warping on the plastic so just be conscious of where your directing the heat. I used a constant back and forth motion only on the actual metal shelf, never directing the heat on any plastic 


You then take another towel and start drying the freezer. You want to get as much moister out as the obvious, frost will begin forming almost immediately.

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