Merry Christmas – Our First Christmas at Country Sky Acres RV Style!

2015/12/img_7056.jpgIt’s 7:30 am Christmas Morning!
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE  I’m currently standing outside and the sun is just coming over the mountain.

It’s such and calm 47° beautiful Christmas morning.  If I could only record and share with you exactly what I am hearing this morning.  About 2 dozen turkey in our back woods doing there turkey thing.  Off in the distance I can hear a local homesteads goat and rooster.  Birds are all around actively chirping.  It’s like an early spring morning.  Maybe you can close you eyes and just imagine or maybe it’s just one of those things that you would really have to be right here right now experencing this at this exact moment to feel how amazing it is.  Its good for the soul!

The kiddos are still asleep so Jeremy and I are doing our norm. Walking around outside, drinking our morning Celsius

(It’s now 8:15 and the kiddos are AWAKE!!!  Time for gifts!!!)

Mason was the first to wake up.  He came out of his room and saw all the presents, then ran back in the bedroom calling for brother..  “santa came, santa came.  come come open presents”

IMG_1128IMG_7058 IMG_7060

Presents were all opened by 9:00 am

IMG_7061IMG_1131 IMG_7066 IMG_7070 IMG_7071 IMG_7081 IMG_7096 IMG_7095 IMG_7091


That my friend is how we Christmas in the mobile mansion!

Hope everyone has a very safe and Merry Christmas!

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