One Step Closer.. ‘The Mobile Mansion’

IMG_0651Well…  We are officially one step closer….  We are now proud owners of our first Motor Home aka ‘The Mobile Mansion’ Winking face

We are going on 24 hours now of OMG look at what we bought!


Now it time to scrub scrub scrub and make this puppy our new home!

download (5)

First thing we tackled inside was the bedroom, we decided to make that room the kiddos room.  As the hubby and I are not early nighters we opted to make is more comfortable for the kids to have their own space and quiet room.  So we are pulling out the bed and redoing the room..

download (1)

download (2)

download (4)

download (3)
I will update photos with complete before and afters in a few days when we are finished.  But man these things are pretty darn awesome!  What an amazing journey we are about to endure!

Between the RV preparations and then cleaning and clearing out all of our unnecessary stuff to get out of the house rental we are in, its extremely overwhelming, intimidating but oh so exciting!

Whats more amazing to me is as I’m organizing things in our ‘mobile mansion’, putting in only our NEED’S, then going into the house, and when I look around I see so much of WANTS rather than NEEDS is just mind blowing!  This is already such a humbling experience.

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