Our Favorite Items

We get tons of questions wondering where and what we purchase in order to live our current lifestyle during the making of Country Sky Acres Homestead...  I have decided to put together this page to spill the beans on just how we do what we do!

Everything listed below are things we actually use, love and recommend!


Almost Everything happens in the kitchen.  Quite literally for us as currently our kitchen is also our dinning room, living room & bedroom!

These are my current 'can't live without' items:




This is my #1 most favorite
calorie reducing energy drink...
My day begins with one of these and
I'm a happy girl!


This little unit has been our lifeline while on this journey.
I am earning the title of professional Crock-Potter!



Crockpot Insert Bags:  These bad boys are a lifesaver!  Little to no clean up, and any crockpotter knows, the clean up of a crock pot can sometimes be a pain in the you know what!  Living in the RV and not having a direct water hook up yet, the use of water or lack of is so very important!


Electric Flat Griddle: Can we all say Sausage, Pancakes and the next worlds favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwiches...  This little gadget has left some smiles on my families faces and full tummies!  Clean up is super easy to..  Just wipe it down when your finished.


Highly Recommended  MUST READS


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