Our Next Stepping Stone

If you asked us a year ago what we would be doing today, I assure you my friend what we are about to do wouldn’t even have been a thought!  We have decided to make a HUGE sacrifice, sell everything and downsize to RV living for a year.  YES, now let’s all bow our heads and say a prayer!  LOL
For the past month now I have been trying to sell everything.  When I say everything, I mean everything!
Surprisingly, for me this has been a extremely humbling process, as I’m finding approximately 90% of what we have is a want not a need.  Not to mention the deeper I dig, the more I find.
Once we are physically living on OUR land the savings is tremendous, and the plan is to build what will ultimately  be the garage/shop for the lawn equipment and tractor, but utilizing that space as additional usable living space..  My very own RV addition Winking face
The question is, can we accomplish it all before old man winter strikes!

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