Our Simple Life

We are pleased to have you join us!

Welcome to our life!

We’re just an average family with big goals and even bigger dreams.  When we as a family set out to do something, expect the unexpected because anything is possible.

This is our journey to simple living,
(or so we think)

Our main mission is to become and remain completely debt free while creating a more humble lifestyle, allowing us to experience being as self-sufficient as possible while living on our land, in this long adventure of building our own home together as a family for cash, and cash only.

We are no experts, and are learning as we go.  We decided to blog and share our story during every phase in hopes that our experiences and journey will inspire others to pursue their dream!  Whether it’s a full out homestead or just to simplify life,go for it!  With that being said, questions and comments are always welcome!

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Why We Decided To Change

In mid 2014 we began implementing what we were learning from 'The Total Money Makeover, by Dave Ramsey' which changed our entire mindset and inspired us to rethink what 'the quality of life' means to us. We came to the conclusion, we as a society are stuck in the rut of advancing technology, walking around like our s*** don't stink and year after year have completely lost touch of what really matters in the end. For goodness sake's, (have you ever seen a hearse with the trailer hitch)?! (wink-wink)

Are we really defined as humans by what we do for a living? The style of cars we drive? The style and size house we live in? Who are we really trying to impress and prove something to by being stuck in the vicious cycle of keeping up with the Jones's? Now what the heck, we ARE the Jones's and gosh darn-it we beat to our own drum.

After all this deep analyzing, and again following step by step of 'Total Money Makeover' we set out to start a new journey of a simple life that suites us.

November 2014 we found and purchased a few acres of land in Northern PA, where we have set a dream to build our "dream home".

Our objectives are:
• Complete this build with cash and cash only.. (NO loans or credit)
• Building with our own blood, sweat and tears.. (NO contractors other than for the well, septic & concrete foundation)
• Create a sustainable homestead and live primarily off the land itself

This journey is not just as much for us in this current crazy place we call life as it is for our children, and future generations. We want our children to have a place to always call home, a place to always feel safe, along with the memories and stories that get passed on generation after generation that they were a part of building their 'home'.
Every parent dreams to create and give the best future for their children, we may not be able to pass on a large trusty bank account, but we are determined to pass on solid roots and the lessons and knowledge that nothing's impossible.

Join us and follow our journey in the making of Country Sky Acres (CSA)

Thank you to all of our family, friends and followers as your support and motivation is greatly appreciated towards helping us achieve our dreams and goals.