Our Very First Night

We have decided to pack up and head to the property for our first night, ready or not!
No, not permanently, yet….
I feel like a crazy person, going through mental check lists in my head of what we need and what we don’t.  Pillows – check, Blankets – check, Diapers – check, etc…..  Just shy of packing nail polish and nail file (kidding), I finally took a deep breath and said “let’s just GO, we will never know what we need and don’t unless we go through this experience.”

I have to admit I was a bit nervous…  First, I had NEVER been in a moving house!!!  LOL so I was totally freaking out!  Second, bracing myself to expect the unexpected!

I locked up the house, and we’re off!!!
See, I now know I didn’t need the nail file, I chewed my fingernails to the bone…  eeeek  😉

No, but being perfectly honest….   about 5 minutes away from our current house, I was relaxed.

The travel to the property went better than expected.  Once we got there, the most amazing thing took place.  I felt peace!  I didn’t care to even go back!  The sense of freedom was so overwhelming I really don’t know how to put into words.
IMG_0735We started setting up once we got there.  We sent Jacob (our 12 year old) to go load up the wheel barrel with some fire wood we had previously cut and stacked in the back of the property, and started a fire in the fire pit Jeremy & Jacob built a few weeks back.

It was such a beautiful evening and bed time for the kids was a lot easier than I thought.

Mason & Mommie, 1st night camping

Our 3 year old Mason was a little nervious but was such a tough cookie.  You could see he was confused and a little uncomfortable, but he was a trooper.  I set him up with the ipad and put a movie on Netflix for him and he eventually fell asleep.

IMG_0738Jeremy and I stayed up till I don’t even really know when.  We just walked the property, listening to the sounds of the forest.  Taking in every inch of the vast sky we have.  Hence the reason we picked the name, “Country Sky Acres” for our property. There is just something about this land that just washes away the rest of the world.  The night dew that sets is in crazy.  My shoes were soaked walking around.  We waited till the fire was pretty much out and decided to head to bed.  It was a chilly night, but when I tell you at chilly turned to COLD real fast.

This is the start of a new mental check list:

– more than 1 pair of shoes…  duhhhh 😉

– extra blankets!

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