Preparing for our coldest night yet

Today is Monday January 4th, and it’s COLD outside.. I stand corrected, today is BITTER COLD! We woke this morning to temperatures that look like this.  

There is an Arctic blast coming through, so some obvious preparing began about 48 hours ago.  This is by far, the coldest we have experienced since full-time RV living, and it’s only going to get colder as the day goes on.  We went and purchased new bulbs for some of the ‘basement’ lights, as discussed about in one of our previous post ‘How To: Eliminate Drafts During Cold Winter Months While Full Time RV Living
I only replaced the bulbs that were under 2 main areas of focus.

  1. The kids room (it should really help keep their room warmer)
  2. Area around the water tanks

Fingers crossed all ends well, as we have a few days of below freezing temps.  However, as of right now today/tonight is supposed to be the worst.


It’s currently around 4:10 PM Monday afternoon, and this is what we look like right now.

We have pretty much agreed to bunker down and stay indoors from this point forward. Our current inside temp is predominately staying around 65° in the main living area (as long as we stop opening the door) and closer to 70° in the boy’s room.  We are using a comfort zone electric heater in the main area and a quartz infrared heater in the boy’s room.  Our on-board heating system runs only off of propane and we are only wanting to use the propane for the hot water.  So with that being said, so far the electric heaters have done us well, let’s just hope that remains the case!

We have thermometers in the area of the fresh water tank and the water pump which are located underneath in a basement compartment, we checked them around 2:00 and they were reading right at 32° ekkkk (freeze point)
Uggg, so we ended up shutting down the water pump. Nothing on board has actually become frozen yet, so there is still a chance everything will be fine but it’s just cutting it to close.  Our fresh water tank on board is currently at 1/2 a tank (50 gallons). We really wanted to fill the tank, but our gallon jugs began flash freezing as we tried to fill the tank yesterday and now today, they are completely frozen.
From the looks of things, I think we’re in for an interesting and adventurous night as well as next couple of days.

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