Spring in December? Thank you El Niño

The day began so beautiful. Warm, with clear sky. Mason and I left around 8:30am to run some errands, while Jeremy and Jacob stayed 2015/12/img_6961.jpgback and got started working on the building.

Our current plan is this… It’s December, we know this El Niño driven spring like weather is eventually going to change on us and it’s gonna change without a notice!

Here is our current plan.  With the exterior walls we are going to continue installing the sheathing and tyvek.  We have decided to go with a vinyl board and batten for the exterior walls rather than doing all metal. The reason for our change is we decided that once we finish the house, we don’t want this building to look like it doesn’t belong, like a metal industrial building next to our country home.  So for now, once the sheathing and tyvek is all installed the walls are closed in enough that we don’t need to stress over it getting weathered.
As far as the roof, we got a thick 6mill plastic to close in the roof just to start protecting the building from rain or any snow we may get, until we can order all the metal. The 6mill plastic will also act as a vapor barrier/condensation barrier once the metal roofing is installed.
Now, On to today’s progress.
Jeremy and Jacob got about 15 sheets of sheathing up, while I attempted to set the foam insulation boards around the bottom of the building.



However, Mason was a bit of a distraction for me… For anyone that may not know, attempting this build and current journey with a 3 year old energetic boy…. YEAH, not that easy! ?IMG_6965




Mason FINALLY went down for a nap so it was a perfect opportunity for Jeremy and I to focus on installing tyvek. Let me tell you, as we get higher up the building it’s getting harder and harder install. With the pitch of the ground we can’t set the scaffolding up outside, that would be just way too perfect! So we get to the 3rd row and I have this genius idea (which turned out to be everything but that during the install) I said hey, what if we set a ladder on the back corner an we unroll the tyvek from the front to the back, then I’ll climb the latter in the back and you (Jeremy) begin tacking it up in the front and just work yourway back to me. It did work out, but lord it was hell on both of us. You would think slapping a staple gun on a wall and/or holding a roll of something almost as tall as you still and flat on a wall would be a sinch… HAHA NOOOO I found myself chanting ” mind over matter” over and over while Jeremy was bruising the heck out of his knuckles on the sheathing slapping the staple gun. Needless to say, we didn’t put another row up yet ?

But we know we have to persevere and get it done, so tomorrow is another day… We then moved on to finishing the areas that were ready for the foam insulation boards along the base of the building.
In the meantime, Jacob installed 2×4 nailers in various areas need in preparation of future finish work. He was like such a big little man at only 12 years old, measuring and cutting lumber with the circular saw, climbing ladders and using the nail gun… Like a true little worker ?

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