Summer 2016 Review – Building A Homestead

Summer 2016 Review – Building A Homestead

Where in the world has the summer gone?  I still can’t believe it is already Fall!

Despite summer of 2016 now being a time of the past, the memories have been created and will live on within us forever!

As always, if you follow us on twitter you have been able to see some glimpses of our summers events!  (If you don’t follow us, silly you!  It’s like getting the news hot off the press! )

We are currently close to being able to confidently say we can survive our first full winter on our land.  If you remember, last winter which was quite a mild winter allowed us to stay at the property until January at which time our plumbing on the RV froze and we were forced and blessed to find an apartment walking distance from the property

Now, lets rewind a bit and recap each month of our summer at Country Sky Acres


Garden Garden Garden

A lot of focus went into the garden this month.  We are so pleased!   Here is a list of all planted fruits and veggies…

  • Green beans
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Tomato (Marion)
  • Tomato (grape)
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Onions
  • Sweet peppers
  • Jalapeño peppers
  • Red chili peppers
  • Sweet banana peppers
  • Cucumber
  • Squash
  • Zucchini

Thank You Mother Nature

We experienced a torrential rain storm that had come through. Next thing you know, I was running around grabbing any bucket or bin that I could possibly find to capture water that was pouring off of the roofs!  My in-laws were up to visit, and I probably look like a crazy person,  but I actually had fun and it was well worth it!  After the rain stopped, I was able to bottle it all up with our empty water jugs that we had thankfully, That one rain storm captured 125 gallons of water.  I was blown away at how wonderful that was for us.  Perfect for utilizing in the garden and with any trees or plantings we put around the property

Dude, we need a well!

As we all know, we have yet to be able to get our well drilled. So every trip to the grocery store I’ve been purchasing gallon jugs of water.  (I wont put rain water in the shower tank)  Each gallon is $.87 a gallon at the store.  So on average were spending around $400 a month just bringing water.  It dawned on me that Walmart has one of those Primo water fill stations, so I figured I would try it out next time I was in the area.  I brought 10 empty gallon jugs, and I must say, it was even better than I thought!  Each jug filled in approximately 35 seconds and it cost $.37 a gallon, so I walked away with getting 10 gallons for $3.70. Needless to say I will always carry empty water jugs on me and anytime that I’m passing Walmart I will stop and fill the jugs.  However, long term this is getting a bit crazy and really expensive..  We need to get a well and hopefully soon!

We have internet

We FINALLY got our internet after MONTHS or being told we can’t!  Let me just say, the word CAN’T just isn’t in my vocabulary therefore is an unacceptable word that my ears just seem to reject!  haha  persistence paid off

Completed Family

Jeremy’s daughter, Jillian came home to PA.  It’s been a long time coming and it’s a long story from the past but her voice is finally heard and we are so happy and pleased to have her with us to complete our family! City girl gone country!

Emergency Room

Had our first Emergency Room trip.  Poor Mason was being teased by Jacob and it resulted in him falling and he face planted in the stone.  He got a nice 1″ gash on his forehead.  He was such a trooper!  Luckily no traditional stitches were needed, they just used the medial glue and sealed him right up!



July was more time spent with family than anything and enjoying BEAUTIFUL weather!

Garden Table

Jeremy and the kids built me this wonderful garden table out of scrap lumber we had laying around..

Big Home Depot Trip

We got 2 exterior doors, metal for our interior wall and a whole bunch more!

I was installing a nailer board so Jeremy would have something to screw the metal to on the other side at the floor

up goes our first finished wall

Jeremy hung our first 4 sheets of drywall!!!



August was much like July…  More time spent with the family!  Lots of time reviewing what our next steps are..


We have almost all our electrical wire purchased and ready to run, we just need to get our panel and breakers.  Once everything is landed to the panel, we can call for our final inspection (electrical) then we can close in all the walls!  In the meantime, we can hang insulation in the wall bays that don’t have any electrical running through them.  I found a great deal on R13  for the walls, 20 rolls for $197 at Home Depot.  That amount will cover the entire addition side and a portion of the pole barn/garage side.  It’s just a matter or being able to purchase it and when.

Our top  discussions this months of needs….

  • We still need our well..  That will cost us around $3,000 minimum, but could run us upwards to $7,000 + but we wont know the cost until they start to drill down to the needed dept of the earth.
  • Lots of stone is still needed for the driveway and parking areas as well as inside the pole barn side.   The pole barn side also still needs sand and plumbing (for radiant heat) then concrete.  We are looking at an estimated $5,000 to finish that off.  Once the concrete is finished, we can close in the pole barn side and frame up some temp room walls.
  • Since things are going so well, we decided hey why not add something else to build!  We are wanting to really get our 12×12 storage shed started and finished ASAP that way we can get the rest of our items out of the storage sheds we are still renting..  That will be $170 a month savings!

Once all is done, we can maybe relax a bit and survive the brutal Northeast winters.  That is until spring time hits and we are eager and anxious to FINALLY begin working on the house!!  Not much to it, just about a $90,000 project!  LOL



The mornings are chillier, I must say, Fall is in the air!

When I look out over the mountain, the trees are no longer that vibrant green, and I seriously see trees that have already transitioned to that beautiful auburn.

We are on the downhill side when it comes to time!

French Drain – Tell Me I Can’t… Watch Me Do! 🙂

The impossible trench along side and back of the pole barn is almost complete.  However, we still need to grade a much larger area on the side and back of the pole barn so we can fill with stone and have some parking along side of the pole barn for the RV and our trailer.  I have worked for weeks hand digging until which time we could get a skid steer up here and Jeremy could take over where I left off.  Nothing will ever get done if we are just waiting for equipment, so I figured I’ll do a little every day that way there is always progress.

Plus, I was told it’s impossible, and not to mention it was an AMAZING workout!

drain pipe is in!!!


Our garden has taken off!!  Mason has been a part of this garden since day one.  From placing the very first seeds in the soil to picking the very first tomato..  He actually picks almost every tomato that comes out of the garden..  I love how excited and interested he is in it!

My lil’ Buddy


Jeremy and Jillian had a fantastic Father/Daughter bonding day.  They worked so wonderful together staining and installing the wood siding on the face of the addition

After all that work, Mason decided to write mommy and daddy a little note…  YUP…  on our new wood siding..  I guess we are a bit to blame for that one, as we sign some walls as we close them in..

Oh Boy!


we were able to get our wall insulation…  Yaay!

We still need to get our ceiling insulation..  Hopefully that happens soon!

Ran Almost All electrical runs

Earlier this month Jeremy kicked butt with running the electrical!  There are still a few runs that need to be made, but we are at least 75% done.  We just need to get our friend Keith up to provide his expertise in landing everything to the panel and get everything ready for final inspection and for the electric company to transfer from our temp power pole to our permanent, did you read that, PERMANENT location

Later in the month we got the rest installed

Country Sky Acres Is Getting Stoned

No really!!  We are getting stoned!

Redneck Creations

after skid steer work in the center of our circle driveway the boys created this redneck contraption to be able to grade a bit better

Stay tuned for more updates on our homestead creation, and if you aren’t already,  be sure to follow our journey via email as well as follow us on our social media pages where we share more often, real-time updates!

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