Temp Power Pole

Waking up Sunday morning felt a bit surreal.

Today’s objective was to set our temporary power pole so the power company can come in and land our power.  Jeremy & Jacob worked on finishing cleaning up and sizing the tree we cut down on the property to use as our power pole, as well as finish digging the hole for it to go into a little deeper.

After much hard work our pole now stands!

Jeremy’s parents decided to take a drive and stopped up to visit and so kindly brought me a vacuum so I could clean up the mess we created in our mobile mansion!  I never appreciated a vacuum so much.  LOL

Jeremy, his dad and Jacob finished installing everything we needed to have on the power pole and it turned out soooo awesome!  I am more than pleased with the outcome.

Once the in-laws left Jeremy, Mason and I went for a short walk before we started cleaning up to head back to the house.  We got everything ready to go and Jeremy and I found ourselves asking one another over and over, you sure you want to leave now.  Haha

After about a 20 minute conversation of the pros and cons or staying another night vs. going to the house, staying for another night won!!  No one of us seemed to mind one bit

I started happily pulling things back out to prepare for another nights dinner.  We were down to lunch meat and cheese, so sandwiches it was!  Jeremy was happy, 3 beers left haha

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