The beginnings of 2016 review.. Think Spring!

The beginnings of 2016 review..  Think Spring!

Hi ya’ll!  Winter is FINALLY almost over, as per the calendar.  Here is a review on the beginnings of 2016 living on our land…  well, not so much.  More like a full cup of dreaming with a dose of aggravation!

It’s been a long, very long past few months. Mother Nature has been really cruel! Not so much with snow, as we only had a few hindering storms which is nothing compared to our areas average.  It was the bitter cold and the whipping winds!  It’s been driving us absolutely insane being at a complete standstill while such brutal temperatures hinder us from production.

January & February 2016

For those of you that follow our blog, you already know that in January our plumbing was froze on the RV.  If you missed that post, you can read it here.  We were trying to stick it out, but even with above freezing temps, the wind-chill was leaving us with no thaw in sight. By the grace of God, a small apartment came available walking distance from the property. It was nothing fancy, but it had a roof,  heat and running water. We talked to the owner, explained what we are doing and January 13th began renting the apartment just to wait out the winter. It was a small offset and investment of $600 a month plus electric. Bonus was, it had an onsite washer & dryer!  This  was huge when it came our personal discussion of justifying the cost. If it was just Jeremy and I, I’m sure we would have most likely weathered the storm and stayed on the property, but for the sake of the kiddos, it was a no brainer.. We spent most of our time January and February at the apartment, but doing what we could at the property as often as possible.  We actually handed over the Project Manager position to Mason those months.


March 2016…   Spring is in the air!!!


The weather is finally showing a sign of change as it’s almost Spring! Some days you can feel it, smell it and even almost taste it. While others, it still seems so far! We still are in below freezing temps at night, so we haven’t given up the apartment just yet.  A good portion of our time has been spent planning planning planning.  As well as going stir-crazy, missing the heat of the sun, and anxious to enjoy the outdoors again!  Here is what we would like to (at the very least) accomplish this year:

2016 objectives (not in priority order)

Roof garage and addition
Concrete garage floor
Frame up temp walls for kids rooms
Finish interior so livable
Build chicken coop
Build raised garden beds
Re-grade areas of property for proper water drainage
Install flag pole for our American Flag
Build solar heat exchange
Drill a well
Fix/finish driveway
Get Lots 3&4 under control
Plant 20-25 evergreen trees
Build small storage shed
Cut and prep firewood
Build outside clothes line
Possibly build a small detached washer/dryer, shower, bathroom outhouse to function on solar power
Design and build functioning windmill for well
Scout out old barns for reclaimed materials

Lots to do…. and all the time in the world… Thanks to a simple life


As my daddy says “all success” and “the best is yet to come”



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