The Big Picture

The Big Picture of How We Got Where We Are


When we started this journey in mid 2014, our monthly expenses ran us approximately $6800, and that does not include the basics of food, fuel etc.  Our 6figure income left us always feeling broke and chasing more money!  How it's possible to be so unhappy with the more money you make is NUTS!
Simple life here we come!

Now, this wasn't just a weekend idea, it took us over the course of many months to just prepare before we were really ready to take action.   Mainly because it wasn't just about us, (Husband & Wife)  it was about our kids too.

Our very first agreed upon action towards achieving our goal was the obvious, eliminate debt.  We agreed to sell our 1 and only vehicle at the time, which yes, was financed.  However, we couldn't just sell our one and only car.  So Jeremy began searching over the course of a month or so for a used vehicle that worked for our family, and that we could buy for cash.  Once we found and obtained our first payment free vehicle (found on Craigslist), we parted ways with our Huge payment/month financed Mercedes Benz.  It was a sad day, however made our dreams and goals that much closer to being achievable.

This was actually such an amazing first move as we were able to go from having just 1 car FINANCED to within 60 days owning OWNING, payment free, 2 vehicles!

After a few more months of saving what would've went towards our car payment, we deciding that our next best and biggest move yet would be to eliminate what was our most consuming debt, our rental house. That was costing $1450.00 a month (not including electric, Propane, etc..). That is when we decided to find a way to live on our land.  After much search on the Internet via craigslist, Jeremy finally came across an amazing deal that we couldn't pass up..  That is where our 'Mobile Mansion' came in the picture and joined the party!  We got this RV for a steal!  1 owner, needed a little TLC but for $3,600, we would be idiots to not get it.  Comparable RV's were selling for around $18,000 to $20,000 so we did the obvious and made the investment.  After all, we OWN it!  Now that's 3 MAJOR changes towards accomplishing our dream! Ownership!

We spent the next 60 days inspecting everything on our 'Mobile Mansion', cleaning and outfitting our new 'temporary home' so it was comfortable and functional, allowing us to become as self-sufficient as possible.

We began going through every room in our rental house, packing and keeping ONLY what we NEEDED and what had meaning to us.  Then we sold via eBay everything else we possibly could, made a ton of donations and even trashed some things so we were only taking with us what we needed or really wanted. However, not everything could be stored in the RV, so we needed storage for those items.  And unfortunately, we didn't have a structure on the property yet to store anything so we searched and thankfully found an amazing place just a few miles down the road from the property.

Then came moving day aka total transition day!

We did one final walk-through of what was our (rented) beautiful, warm & welcoming 'house' that is now empty, but full of memories!  It now echoes as we walk through it, we locked the doors, got in our cars and drove 'home'!

Home.. where now, as of this day, our only expense at this point was electric, car insurance, land payments, property taxes, school taxes, storage unit, and a cell phone

Cable was free as I made a homemade antenna
Wifi was tethered off our cell phone as needed.
We did however invest in renting a porta potty as we didn't want the RV black tank filling up with no where to easily empty/clean it.
Trash was pretty much all burnable as we used paper plates and plastic cups and utensils.
Most cans we used were being saved for a solar heat exchange we plan to build.
Laundry was done outside by hand (until it got to cold) then trips to laundry mats began.

There is such a sense of peace and freedom already..

A lot of money is still required to complete our homestead, but there is such a sense of satisfaction knowing that every penny that we put into this, at the end of the day, it's ours... truly ours!

We are no longer borrowing someone else's house to call home.. Paying the bank to drive a Maserati but really only driving a Miata... Get the point ?


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