We Survived The Coldest Night Yet!

Well we can proudly say, we survived our first coldest night full-time RV living! Yay us!
Now when we say it was a cold night, there is no over exaggeration in that statement. Our lows reached -1° with a feel like of -17°
You wanna talk about trying to heat an ice box, LOL!
What we learned from this experience is when you’re full time RV living, there is no such thing as going overboard with too much preparation. We are extremely thankful that our prep work did help, however the only way to fully stop drafts is pretty much to demo the walls and re-insulate the whole thing because drafts come from everywhere. Placing haybale’s around the perimeter of the RV or an insulated skirt would do a tremendous amount with battling the cold floors.
With all we did, we did successfully keep the interior at 65° comfortably in the main living area with the only discomfort being the floors. They were really cold. The boys room stayed steady at 70° as we staged it with them having the best and most efficient heater that we have to ensure their comfort during the night and their floors were a little warmer beings that we had the basement compartment lights turned on so the heat of the light was radiating up through the floor for them. Again if we had Haybale’s around the RV or the insulated skirt, I think our experience would’ve been a little more comfortable, but it could have been a lot worse.

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