What happened.. Who shook the snow globe

Today, Saturday December 19th and lord, someone turn off the Air Conditioner and quit shaking the darn snow globe..
We woke up this morning to a dusting of snow and it’s FREEZING

2015/12/img_7004.png 2015/12/img_7002.png

2015/12/img_7003.pngJacob had weight lifting this morning at school for wrestling, so him and I were out the door by 7:30am.
I got back home around 8:30am and Jeremy and Mason were still sleeping so I paced around outside cursing the day of miserably cold weather! I left around 9:30 to pick Jacob back up at school. We stopped at the store before heading home to get burgers, buns and a few other things.
I was pleased to find my boys awake when we got back home. Jacob and Mason went and snuggled in there room and watched a movie while Jeremy and I walked around outside. Despite the frigid temperatures, we managed to motivate each-other to get some work done. We ran a 4′ row of tyvek around the addition side which helped cover a good portion of the open windows as well as hung a scrap piece of plywood over one of the doorways. Getting these 2 things done helped tremendously with blocking a good amount of the wind.



It’s currently still snowing, however not really accumulating past a dusting.. Just enough to be pretty to look at, and pretty anoying all rolled up in one.


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